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Some simple questions
May 15, 2012
1:51 pm

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April 11, 2012
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I posted this in the "old-new" forum but the questions didn't get answered.


-Does anyone put any credence into what Ms. Ohl has said at all regarding cops being involved? Or, is she just crazy?


-Were fan letters to Jodi ever examined to see if any had stalker-ish tones to them?


-I can't help but think Jodi's case is like many missing women cases: somebody she knew did this. But, I'm not convinced the guy who moved to AZ did it. I'm more inclined to believe it was a guy who was jealous of her relationship with the AZ guy. Anybody with me on this?

May 15, 2012
9:23 pm
curious too

I have uncertainties around the AZ person after reading the book, Dead Air.

  Neighbors say Jodi did not frequent his apartment much..... she had viewed her B-day party tape at his house with friends....ok....  she claimed she was not in a sexual relationship with AZ older man.....ok......I just can't imagine after being at the Golf tournament drinking and partying with other acquaintances and surrounded by other dynamics all day that Jodi would go back to the AZ man's apartment to view that B-day tape AGAIN like he'd claimed .....Especially if she had no underlying sexual intentions....According to the info in the book, Dead Air, he had another woman that he dated. Are they still an item? should she be interviewed? has he been questioned again and again or for certain clear?

   In the book Dead Air there were several untimely deaths mentioned.

Another uncertainty I have, the book and other reports lays out a timeline..... the call from her co-worker waking her up....her estimated time of abduction.....the time in which the police were notified....ok. The author of the Dead Air book brings up an interesting point. The AZ man ran into a friend at a gas station if I remember right, wanting him to go over to Jodi's apartment with him as she was missing....how or why would he think that or assume that when the police had just been notified themselves?

One of the reports said there has been numerous attempts to get a hold of AZ person but only get an answering machine. Perhaps someone needs to make a trip out west....they were close....he saw her last it said on the news.

May 18, 2012
2:55 pm

Regarding Arizona.  On the old forum someone from Osage posted that Jodi was seeing another man at the time of her disappearance.  They conjectured that this new friend had even expedited her acquisition of the new Mazda Miata. To me, this creates a strong jealousy motive. 

June 16, 2012
3:25 am

Re: Ohl. I don't think she's "crazy." She seems all right to me. And it is an interesting theory; someone associated with LE certainly could have done it (but then... so could many others). I've been interested in the possibility that someone with a grudge against LE was involved, and who was intimate enough with MCPD procedure to have known how to misdirect the investigation. I've talked about all of this before, but I'll just summarize my thoughts on the Ohl issue in one place.

There are serious limitations to the information.

In the first place, she can definitely say that MCPD didn't put much credit in the information she and her brother-in-law presented. But what it amounted to was a rumor some guy had heard secondhand. You know, someone told me Elvis Presley is still alive. If I tell the police, are they going to dig him up? People still call police departments and confess to crimes that have already been solved and that they couldn't possibly have committed. People boast of things they supposedly did, or supposedly know someone else did. It goes with human nature. What's here is innuendo upon hearsay upon hearsay upon someone saying something for whatever reason. 

When the Globe first reported on her charges, it sounded like she may have known something substantial from the inside. In fact it sounded like she believed or could demonstrate that three officers including a DCI agent were involved in the kidnapping. And then, no, their role was that they kind of didn't take much action on a tip that was just... Not really actionable in the first place. When I heard *this* was the bombshell I pretty much stopped taking this specific information seriously. 

Second, there's bad blood between Philpott (her brother-in-law) and MCPD. Based on what a court has found, he was not treated well (on an unrelated matter). What this means is that either MCPD or Philpott himself would have a motive to embarrass the other. Not saying they acted on it in bad faith... but with due respect, Philpott likes publicity (nothing wrong with that) and the police feel like everyone is up to no good. 

Third,  there's Ohl stuck in the middle. Was her judgement compromised by her situation? (Any of ours could have been). Did she give more credence to something than a police officer generally would, out of loyalty to her family, or out of growing mistrust of the department she belonged to? These are questions. We know that she was treated for psychological stress as a result of alleged harassment by other officers. I mean, it was an ugly spot to be in, with or without your fellow officers abusing you. And who knows. She was attractive, young and blonde and perhaps she kind of identified with Jodi - whom at this point she'd heard might have been rubbed out by the police. If she was being harassed and threatened, maybe things started feeling more credible than a cool-headed person would accept. All a lot of questions. 

I'm actually inclined to believe Ohl's story of harassment. But I just don't see what this has to do with Jodi. I feel like it's a dead end.

May 15, 2014
4:30 am

Garland said
Regarding Arizona.  On the old forum someone from Osage posted that Jodi was seeing another man at the time of her disappearance.  They conjectured that this new friend had even expedited her acquisition of the new Mazda Miata. To me, this creates a strong jealousy motive. 

Yes, and I don't know why this has not been explored more and why was it not even mentioned in the book. It is a fact that she was seeing a rich man from Osage who owns a factory in Osage. They were seen together at several functions and it is a FACT that he sold/gave her the red Mazda Miata. He was a lot better looking than JV and had/has lots of money. I am assuming he is never mentioned because he has been cleared. BUT since he was/is an avid golfer, could he have been at the golf thing that day and then went home with Jodi that evening? I'm sure they would not have left together because he is somewhat discreet, but maybe he came over later. Maybe John V was jealous because this other guy gave Jodi the miata and suspected more than friendship and so waited outside her apt for the guy to leave to see who it was. After this guy leaves, and jodi comes outside in a hurry because she is already late for work, John V confronts her. He is angry because he just sees this other guy leave. Maybe he suspected it was this guy and extremely jealous because this other man is rich, handsome, etc. I don't think he went there planning on taking her. I think he was being a nosy over jealous guy and rage got the best of him. They did not search his house right away.Not even within a week. Didn't JV have a white van??? I believe he did have a work van. He could have kept her in his house or van until he had time to think and get rid of her. Cops should have searched his van and house right away. I want to know why cops and why the author of dead air NEVER mentions Jodi dating the guy that gave her the miata?? Either they did not investigate very good at all OR they did and there is information very helpful to the case that they don't want others to know. Because if they DID investigate it, and nothing came of it then why not tell about dating him in the book and just say they cleared him, etc. ? I believe there is a definite connection somehow that has to do with her relationship with the business owner from osage who sold/gave her the miata. It is known fact they dated, known fact he let her use the car and then gave it to her or sold it to her for cheap. Yet this is not mentioned in the book. Very strange.

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