Beth Bednar

Beth, Inc. welcomes author, speaker, trainer and former television news anchor Beth Bednar to its team. Beth’s dedication to the Jodi Huisentruit disappearance through independent investigations and her recent book
Dead Air – The Disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit
, make her a valuable resource of information and a driving force in finding out what happened to Jodi.

“This was a no-brainer,” says’s Co-Founder Josh Benson. “After the performances [of Fade to Black], we were all having a discussion and realized we were both working on very detailed and different aspects of the investigation. To not join forces would have been a mistake. Beth and her husband Donn bring a new energy to this case. They’re truly excited to be working on the case and are both a joy to be around. This new team will significantly enhance’s investigation.”

Beth was in the television news industry for nearly twenty years. As a respected news anchor on a Minnesota ABC affiliated television station, she earned nominations for three consecutive years for Minnesota Outstanding Broadcast Personality. She now works as a speaker and trainer, appearing before public, private and corporate groups across the country. Also active in international mission and humanitarian work, Beth has engaged audiences all over the world (North America, Europe, Asia and Africa) with her refreshingly open and entertaining style.

Gary Peterson, Beth Bednar and Josh Benson after ‘Fade to Black’ performance.

“The addition of Beth Bednar to the team promises to be a positive step in helping solve this case,” says’s Co-Founder Gary Peterson. “I have known Beth for a number of years and I have always had the highest respect for her and her work. We are fortunate indeed to have her join our team.”

Although Beth has been a writer for years (television news reports, keynote speeches, training modules and others), she reached a new level when her book, Dead Air: The Disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, was published. As a former anchorwoman in the same television market, Beth is uniquely qualified to tell Jodi’s story. “I walked in her shoes, and was enormously affected by her abduction,” she says, “Writing the book became a driving force for me. And I felt I could bring a level of objectivity to the story that others closer [to Jodi] might have lacked.”

Beth will serve as an active investigator for, Inc. alongside co-founders Gary Peterson and Josh Benson, contributors Caroline Lowe and Tara Manis and website programmer Chris Tardiff., Inc. was established as a 501(C)(3) non-profit organization in the state of Florida in October 2011. The website has been online since 2003. Gary Peterson and Josh Benson began their search for Jodi in May of 2002. To date, the, Inc. team has followed up on thousands of leads, conducted hundreds of interviews, and remains dedicated to finding out what happened to Jodi Huisentruit and bring her abductor(s) to justice.